Oxpecker Program


Oxpeckers and rhinos have a symbiotic relationship. The oxpecker (a small wild bird) feeds from tics while the rhino receives a nice grooming. So it's a win-win, sort of speak.

Through our Oxpecker Program, you can receive commissions every time you generate a sale, either in person or through your social media channels. You can also accumulate Oxpecker Points, redeemable for credits or branded gifts. 

Earn Oxpecker Points for different activities and turn those points into rewards!

This is how you earn points:

 These are your Rewards!

To join our Oxpecker Program create an account HERE


How do I earn points?

You can earn Oxpecker points by sharing, buying from, and interacting with Tony & Nola in different ways. To see all the ways you can earn points please click on the Oxpecker icon in the top right corner of our website!

How do I redeem my points?

You can redeem your Oxpecker points, once you have earned certain amounts. Once you earn 500 points, you can redeem for a $5 off code. For 1000 points you can redeem for a $10 off code, and for 2000 points you can redeem for a $20 off code. To learn more on how to redeem points, check out the "Oxpecker icon in the top right corner of our website. To find out point balances, please sign in to your Oxpecker account.

Can I become an Oxpecker if I live outside the United States?

Yes. Tony & Nola accepts affiliates from anywhere in the world as long as we ship


Can I use images from Tony & Nola on my websites?

All of the content on Tony & Nola’s website is protected by copyright. You may use images and content from our website in the promotion of our products on your own website, however all images must be attributed and/or used in conjunction with the sale of the product through the affiliate program. The images cannot be used in the general design of your website. If you have a special circumstance that requires the use of any photos, product images or content in a manner that is not consistent with the policy stated above, please contact us for written approval prior to the content’s use.

How does the Oxpecker Program know when I should receive credit for an order?

It keeps track through your link or specialized code.