Our Story

Are rhinos misunderstood? Rugged, menacing, dangerous. At least that’s what they physically convey. But rhinos are much gentler, approachable giants. In their case, perception is not reality.

How to help turn around that image and help protect such an incredible species that is so dangerously close to extinction? These are beautiful animals worth saving.

Our brand centers around an iconic image that portrays rhinos’ natural and gentle personality. A way to start disseminating this reality is through our new line of casual apparel.

 From a product perspective, our self-expectations are high, so we also set ourselves to offer people apparel of the highest possible quality, using only natural fabrics and water-based dyes. We refuse to do business with countries that illegally purchase rhino horns and we are actively involved in rhino conservation beyond our brand.

Life can be hanging from a thread for these amazing, gentle giants, but we believe there’s a positive future for them.

Our Partners

We are currently donors to two amazing organizations: International Rhino Keeper Association and the Baby Rhino Rescue Group. Visit them for more about their incredible contribution to protecting and providing for endangered rhinos.